The Group is continuing its expansion operations abroad: despite the pandemic crisis, the Italian multinational employment company is entering the United States market.


Milan, July 7, 2020: €2.6bn turnover globally, an increase of 13% on 2018 – 48% of which was generated outside Italy and an increasingly global presence.


These are the numbers with which GI Group, Italy’s largest multinational employment company, founded and headed by Stefano Colli-Lanzi, closed 2019. Thanks to the work of more than 5,000 employees spread over 500 branches worldwide, the Group has supported a total of more than 20,000 companies around the world.

Dividing turnover by country: 52% of GI Group’s turnover came from Italy, 28% from Western European countries and 10% from China and India. Overall, countries outside Italy accounted for 48% of total turnover (compared with 45% in 2018).

The Group’s increasingly global direction, today it has a direct presence in 29 countries (57 via partnerships), is also confirmed by another acquisition.

The asset deal to acquire the outplacement arm of CareerArc was completed on June 30th, 2020. With this acquisition, the Italian group is strengthening its presence in the career transition and development service sector, a segment in which it is the Italian leader, with the Intoo brand, and among the top four companies in the United Kingdom.

CareerArc Outplacement offers career transition and career coaching services, delivered digitally to employees at every level thanks to a team of more than 100 career consultants specializing in different industries. The Californian company is well known for having developed very innovative proprietary technology and for its vast commercial network that is in constant dialogue with businesses throughout America.

此外,CareerArc在2019年成为了Career Star Group,一家国际职业转型集团的合作伙伴,并采纳吸收CareerArc的自有平台作为其全球标准。这使其能够支持全球八十多个国家的跨国业务。
Also, since 2019, it has been a partner of Career Star Group, an international career transition group, which adopted the CareerArc platform as a global standard. This allows it to support multinational businesses in more than 80 countries worldwide.



“通过收购CareerArc的Outplacement业务,杰艾集团在自己的历史上第一次正式进入像美国这样的战略市场,这是全世界最大的人力资源市场。” 杰艾集团CEO斯特凡诺·科利-兰齐表示:“进入北美市场也在我们的发展计划内,这将进一步巩固我们作为全球参与者的角色。我们的目标是在2023年营收能够达到60亿欧元。”
“With the acquisition of CareerArc Outplacement, we are entering, for the first time in our history, into a strategic market like the United States, the largest in the world for the HR sector,” said Stefano Colli-Lanzi, CEO of GI Group. “Entering into the North American market is in line with our development plan and further consolidates our role as a global player, aiming to reach €6bn in turnover in 2023.”

“我们正在投资像CareerArc这样的职业转型服务企业,” 科利-兰齐继续表示:“在当今的形势下,由于疫情的影响,失业率不断上升,这样的服务就更为重要。我们想为目前失业的人们找到新的解决方案,帮助他们重返职场,并支持他们稳定持续就业。”
“We are investing in a career transition service, like CareerArc,” Colli-Lanzi continued, “because in the current situation, with unemployment increasing as a result of the effects of the pandemic, it is becoming very important. We will assist people who are currently without employment to find new solutions, helping them return to the world of work and supporting them to achieve constant employability.”

“This operation,” concluded the GI Group CEO, “comes after the peak of the pandemic and represents for us the start of the rebound phase. I think this is a good reason why, right now, our role as labor intermediaries, if done correctly, will provide decisive impetus for recovery, responding to the needs of businesses and people.”

GI Group is Italy’s largest multinational staffing company and is one of the world’s largest providers of services dedicated to the developing the labor market.

The Group operates in the following sectors: temporary staffing, permanent staffing, search and selection, executive search, training, employability support, HR administration, outsourcing, HR consultancy.

Thanks to its international expansion, which started in 2007, GI Group now operates directly or in a strategic partnership in over 50 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and America.

At the end of 2010, Gi Group obtained important recognition by becoming part of the WEC – World Employment Confederation, the international confederation of employment agencies – as a Global Corporate Member.

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