Some precious piece of advice on how to discover and improve your “Transferable skills”, taking advantage of this time at home


The Covid-19 pandemic is not only causing thousands of deaths, but it is also the main responsible of a short-term economic slowdown, triggering a very serious economic regression. According to OECD data, global GDP in 2020 will decrease by half a percentage point (more or less half trillion dollars). However, governments are applying measures that limit contacts with other people, but at the same time, they are stimulating the economic system with aimed actions.


“全球经济并没有完全停滞——” 杰艾集团全球整体招聘及雇佣解决方案高级总监芭芭拉·布鲁诺说到,“许多员工现在都开始在家办公,或者如果对确保提供我们的服务连续性至关重要的,他们也继续在之前的工作场所办公,就像我们在杰艾集团一直做的那样。对于那部分员工,我们根据当地法律法规发布了严格的安全流程指南,确保他们所在的工作场所都是安全的。实际上,虽然一些行业正面临最艰难的时刻,但是还有一些行业,比如与基本服务相关的行业,它们的工作量反而比之前的正常情况下还要大得多。在我们看来,这种偶发事件正创造着很多人能从中受益的就业机会,即使可能会让他们从一个行业转移到另一个行业。这也是我们继续招聘的原因之一,目的是确保我们候选人的工作连续性达到最佳水平。”

“The Global Economy doesn’t have to stop Barbara Bruno, Global Temp & Perm Senior Director of Gi Group said – Many employees are now working from home, or keep being at their usual workplace if they are business critical to ensure the continuity of the services, as we are constantly doing at Gi Group. For these people, we have issued strict safety procedures, according to the local regulation, to make sure they are all safe in their workplace. In fact, while some industries are already facing their toughest period, there are some others, for instance those connected to essential services, dealing with a much higher workload than normal. In our opinion, this contingency is creating job opportunities many people can benefit, potentially shifting from one industry to another. This is one of the reasons we are going on with our recruiting activity, with the aim of ensuring the best level of work continuity to our candidates.”



Coronavirus emergency forced around 3 billion people to stay at home. However, there are industries which have not been damaged as badly as others; for example pharma & medical devices, logistics and large-scale distribution keep enlarging their businesses. This means there are open opportunities to find a job, especially for those candidates able to transfer their skills to the new work scenario. These “Transferable Skills” are both hard and soft skills that go beyond a specific industry, so that they can be adapted from one job to another.



We do not want to represent a reality that is better than what it really is, we must say that this period is not going to be easy and it is possible that we are going to be compelled to stay at home for longer than expected. For this reason, we suggest some tips for workers and candidates who want to take advantage of this unprecedented time of slowdown and reflection.

1. 认清你自己与你的能力——最近这段时间好多人都拥有了更多的空闲时间,如何更好地利用这个时间?方法之一就是好好想想我们自己,我们以前的工作和个人经历,从而找出自己的优缺点,试着去理解在哪些方面我们还可以有更好的发展。理性地观察自我可能是一项艰巨的任务,这就是为什么需要像杰艾集团这样专业的职业中介机构提供新人的入职培训和技能评估,来帮助候选人在专家的支持下展现出最好的自己。

1. Know yourself and your abilities – Today many people have much more free time; a good way to exploit it, is to think about ourselves, our previous jobs and personal experiences in order to identify our strengths and weaknesses, trying to understand where we can really make the difference. Observing oneself rationally can be a difficult task; and that is why many employment agencies as Gi Group offers support for orientation and skills assessment, in order to help candidates to bring out their best characteristics thanks to the support of experts.


2. 更新你的简历与领英资料——这是一个非常重要的行为,虽然好像每个人都有拖延症拖着不想去做,因为这需要集中精力去处理。不过现在可能是整合简历与领英资料的绝佳机会。仔细选择一张合适的个人照片,用详细又吸引人的方式准确描述你的技能与经历。但是请记住,你的简历并不会适合所有的职位,所以一定要在发送简历之前,重新调整并针对职位定制简历,这将是一个更好地吸引招聘人员的方法。

2. Update your curriculum vitae and LinkedIn profile – This is a very important activity that everyone tends to procrastinate because of the effort and the attention it requires. These days could be the perfect opportunity to integrate your CV and LinkedIn profile. Be careful to select a good profile photo and to make an accurate description of you, specifying your skills in a detailed but catchy way. Keep in mind that the CV you sent for a position, might not be suitable for a different one; so customize your CV before sending it is a good way to be more relevant to the recruiter’s eyes.


3. 提高你的软性可转化技能——就像我们现在经历着的一样,危机就是创新的加速器,这也就是为什么要跟上时代的节奏、培养个人和人际交往能力总是很重要的原因,这对你现在和将来的工作都非常重要。由于我们现在被迫与人保持安全距离,所以熟悉远程面试模式和流程也很重要。通过屏幕沟通,不管是口头还是书面或者是肢体交流,都将成为常态。所以是时候好好练习并记录下你自己一个人、或者与朋友一起的模拟面试了。此外,远程工作也可能使你的时间管理变得更复杂,但也代表了这是一个提高组织能力的机会。解决问题的态度就是将创造力、分析力与经验相结合。仔细想一下过往的经验,把重点放在哪些做得好、哪些做得不好上,以便从之前的错误中吸取经验并改进。也仔细想想在眼下这一困难的情况下,你要做些什么才能找到一份工作。这不就是努力解决问题的态度吗?当然,毫无疑问!

3. Improve your soft transferable skills – Crisis, as the one we are living, are accelerator of innovation and this is why it is always important to keep the pace and develop those personal and interpersonal skills that are crucial for your work now and in the future. As now we are forced to maintain distances, it is very important to get familiar with telematics interviews. Talking through a screen, oral, written and body language communication become fundamental, so it is time for you to exercise recording yourself or simulating an interview with your friends. By working remotely, managing your time and your schedule can be complicated, but it can also represent an opportunity to improve your organizational capability. Problem solving attitude it is a mix of creativity, analysis and experience. Think about precedent experiences and focus on what went well and what went bad, in order to improve from previous mistakes. Think also to what you are doing now to find a job in such a difficult situation; isn’t it a problem-solving attitude? Of course, it is!


4. 考虑硬性可转化技能——这是与上一点直接相关的。事实上,你一旦发现并加强那些能让你在劳动力市场更引人注目的能力后,你就更应该专注于这些能让你独一无二并吸引公司的特定技能。特别是现在,你可以找到大量免费的在线课程和培训来学习新知识。IT和网络安全部门可能就是一个完美的例子:它们涵盖了所有行业和公司,就业率正处于历史最高水平。你可以在线学习如何使用软件,或者通过研究之前程序的更新和经验来提高目前的能力。

4. Take into consideration the hard transferable skills – This point is directly connected and subsequent to the previous one. In fact, once figured out and strengthened those capabilities that make you interesting for the labor market, you have then to focus on the job-specific ones that make yourself unique and desirable for companies. Especially nowadays, you can find plenty of free online courses and trainings to learn something new. IT and cyber security sector can be a perfect example: it embraces all industries and companies; indeed employment is at an all-time high. You could learn online how to use a software, or improve your current capabilities studying the updates of applications you used in previous experiences.



These four piece of advice can be a good start for the ones who want to stay relevant in an ever-changing job market, even during Covid-19 breakout. However, this is useless without a proactive behavior. It’ is very important to be active and periodically check opportunities on online platforms, including the websites of employment agencies such as Gi Group, applying for positions that really interest and suit you.

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